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KAR / L'Art de L'Automobile

Established in 2017 by Beirut-born, Paris-raised car collector Arthur “Kar” Karakoumouchian, KAR merges its founder’s passion for cars, art and fashion into a single brand. A lifelong car enthusiast who talked his way into a job at Porsche at only 16 and founded the Paris-based car dealership L’Arte de L’Automobile (“The Art of the Automobile”) in his twenties, Karakoumouchian translates his extensive experience into clothing that captures the details, graphics and nostalgia of car culture. Known for the quality and rarity of the cars he collects and sells, Karakoumouchian brings the same attention to detail to his brand, which features garments built from the ground up, including in-house design, pattern-making and graphics.