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Italian designer Anna Grassi and fashion stylist and researcher Valerie von Kittlitz founded contemporary workwear brand GR10K on three pillars: creative recycling, sustainability, and quality. GR10K offers unisex, versatile garments meant to compliment any lifestyle and wardrobe, while drawing inspiration and resources from Grassi’s family’s business, Grassi SpA, which has been producing work clothes and personal protective equipment since 1925 and boasts an eight thousand item archive. In addition, the brand explores how uniforms are created to meet the needs of identity, functionality, protection, and durability, while researching new production methods that meet the criteria of circular economics. For example, GR10K’s first collection, “Assembly 1,” used small production lots made from deadstock fabrics while the brand’s second collection, “Assembly 2,” incorporates upcycled and biodegradable synthetic materials.