The 1 Reimagined

Published February 15, 2018

1 Reimagined at Notre

To celebrate Nike’s launch of “The 1 Reimagined Pack,” a collection designed by women for women, Notre sought out a team of local female creatives. We didn’t believe we could do this collection justice ourselves, so we gave these talented women complete creative freedom to bring their own unique voices and vision to the editorial.


These female creatives inspired us to further support inclusion in the greater Chicago community. A portion of proceeds from every shoe and Flowers for Dreams bouquet purchased at Notre will go to Girls Inc. - the charitable organization hand-chosen by our female artist collective. Girls Inc. advocates for legislation and policies to increase opportunities for all girls by giving them the tools they need to navigate gender, economic and social barriers.


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1 Reimagined at Notre 2

Shahrnaz Javid
Photographer, 24

Shahrnaz has a passion for documenting and exploring through photography, particularly film. If she’s not out shooting, she’s writing poems on her phone or essays in her journal. Her favorite Nike shoe of all time is the Zoom Fly, but she wears either Air Force 1s or Silver Bullets every day, no matter the scenery.


Amber Bas
Videographer, 22

Amber is a visual artist, creating in everything from video to sculpture, in addition to working full time as an esthetician. She believes in the power of using easily accessible tools, often intentionally choosing less expensive equipment and supplies to create. She likes her fruit with a heavy coating of tajin, and her Air Force 1s low and scuffed up. Keep an eye out - Amber has a handful of group shows coming up this summer.


Sal Yvat

Sal is a visual creative, immersing herself in everything from wardrobe styling to web design to earring making. Lately she’s focusing on expanding her field of creativity, not applying excessive pressure on herself, and creating work with God in mind. She secretly loves cartoons, and not so secretly loves Air Force 1s and oatmeal creme pies.


Maya Iman
Photo Assistant, 24

Maya is a visual artist, specializing in photography, film and graphic design. Her work touches on themes of race, inclusion, and celebration of black heritage. She is currently working on continuing her series FLAWED, and has a new project coming this summer. Maya’s into traveling, meditation and Air Force 1s.


Morgan Andersen
Hair & Makeup, 22

Morgan explores creativity through hair and makeup. She believes that complicity is the demise of an artist, and is dedicated to continually learning, exploring and evolving her creative process. When she’s not pursuing her passion for beauty, you can find her drawing, painting, or tending to the bees she keeps in her backyard (in a pair of Air Force 1s, of course).


Bernadine Williams
Model, 22

Bernadine is fascinated by the intersection of art and politics in a postmodern era. She runs Expand the Classroom, a social entrepreneurship venture focused on building a network of supplemental curricula to promote independent reading and expansion outside the boundaries of the traditional high school classroom. You can find her in a pair of Flyknits, as well as at church every Sunday.


Marisa Nakamura

Marisa is a creative who firmly believes in the power of positive energy. She lives for human interaction, and enjoys spreading awareness and genuinity to everyone she encounters. Her work spans from photography to baking, and she constantly strives to steer away from traditional mediums to unlock unexpected potential.


Words by @oliviacrandall