Dissertation on Revealing the Inspiration - Visvim SS16

Published March 02, 2016

If there is one thing Hiroki Nakamura is good at, it is using the past as inspiration to create clothing that seems to make the old world feel new again. For his spring/summer 2016 collection, Hiroki reflects on some of the more precious items from the past that he has collected over his many years traveling the world. In an attempt to give some insight into this process, Hiroki has presented a selection of the items that inspired his latest offerings.


Each piece in the extensive collection he says, evokes a specific feeling that goes well beyond it's appearance, and also carries with it it's own unique history and story of how it ended up in the hands of the Japanese visionary. With that in mind, Hiroki designed his latest collection with the hopes of sharing those specific feelings and stories with his customers.

Visvim SS16 available now at notre-shop.com