Let The Buyer Beware: Cav Empt at Notre

Published February 06, 2016

Model wearing Cav Empt Lacquer Sweatshirt Side View

Not too long after NIGO and Pharrell let go of control of their brand Billionaire Boys Club, the former business manager, Toby Feltwell gathered the entire design team and proposed the idea of launching a new brand together. With the desire in mind to re-introduce classic streetwear culture into the digital internet age, Cav Empt was born. by placing legendary but always mysterious SK8THING in control of all the design work, the brand quickly grew a cult following around their rebellious attitude and famous glitch style graphics.

Cav Empt Front and Back Model FitsCav Empt Model Fits Warmer Jacket

Their most popular items, t-shirts and sweatshirts are adorned with references from classic London to comic books centering mainly around consumerism and conformity.The name itself Cav Empt or C.E. is a shortened version of the Latin term Caveat Emptor meaning "let the buyer beware". Since launching in 2011 Cav Empt has firmly stood its ground on the forefront of modern streetwear trends, and their latest offerings prove that they don't plan on stopping anytime soon.

Cav Empt is now available in store and online here