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Casper Wright created GutterTM in 2015 as his newest foray into fashion. A native of Cleveland, Ohio, Wright began making clothing in high school and his first brand, Art for Thought, was born out of his struggle to provide food for himself. Shortly before moving to Chicago in 2016, Wright debuted his newest label, which initially experienced success with its Hot Water hoodie that references the designer’s difficulties paying his hot water bill. With GutterTM, Wright draws inspiration from renowned designers such as Jun Takahashi and Raf Simons while creating designs that reflect his and his friends’ lifestyles, as well as his belief in the need for innovative, authentic garments that are “worthy of being on your body.” The collaborative Capsule 02 collection with Notre pulls from a wide range of influences, from jellyfish to the film Videodrome. All of Wright’s garments are handmade in Chicago.