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Founded in December 2014 by four anonymous cofounders, South Korean label Adererror derives its name from the first letters of the words “aesthetic” and “drawing,” plus the suffix “er” for “people (who do something).” The brand’s slogan is “But near missed things,” which indicates its desire to suggest minimalistic alternatives for objects people often overlook in their daily lives. A design collective that includes professionals from diverse disciplines, including interior design, fashion, architecture, and finance, Adererror develops a succinct vision each season through its members’ shared dedication to storytelling and the internal rule, “FINE,” which dictates that the label’s creations must be “Fun,” “New,” “Easy” to access and thoughtfully “Edited.” Known for its vibrant color palettes, oversized silhouettes, and gender-neutral sizing, the brand has quickly developed a cult internet following that continues to expand.
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