Hiroshi Fujiwara's retaW

Published January 29, 2016

Hiroshi Fujiwara's RetaW x Fragment Design Lip Balm in White - Notre Chicago

What’s a man to do after he becomes one of the most prolific names in Japanese streetwear culture? Start a fragrance brand, of course. And in 2009 that’s exactly what Hiroshi Fujiwara did. With the help of his co-founder Daisuke Murakami, Fujiwara created the forward-thinking fragrance brand retaW (water written backwards).

Hiroshi Fujiwara's RetaW - Isely Fragrance Fabric Spray - Notre Chicago

Founded in the swanky neighborhood of Aoyama Japan, retaW is a far cry from the streetwear world where Fujiwara built his reputation. Instead retaW is more about simplicity, cleanliness and relaxation. Comprised of all organic ingredients, each individual retaW scent is offered across a selection of candles, body washes, car tags, room sprays and more.

And as with any brand Fujiwara is associated, the utmost care is taken to create products of both quality and thoughtfulness. While Fujiwara himself has taken a backseat on this project to allow the products to speak for themselves, his influence is obvious to the discerning. 

Hiroshi Fujiwara's RetaW - Mood Denim Spray - Notre Chicago

Relying heavily on the influence of music, each fragrance in the extensive retaW line up is born with a particular musician or record in mind, hinting at the particulars contained in the scent. Take the Amy scent, for instance, with a mellow red wine aroma, and perhaps a subtle nod to Amy Winehouse. The result of such careful curation is a wide array of fragrances, each capturing a particular feeling. And just like your favorite song, retaW products can be experienced over and over again.

FYI, it's pronounced Ri-Tu

Hiroshi Fujiwara's RetaW - Isley Candle - Notre Chicago