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The Trilogy Tapes

Southwest Londoner Will Bankhead began The Trilogy Tapes in 2008 as a music blog. Over more than a decade, the project has grown into a record label and, more recently, a graphic-centric clothing line. Bankhead grew up skating during the 90s and was good enough to get sponsored; he frequented Slam City Skates and record stores such as Honest Jon’s and Dub Vendors where he bought reggae and dancehall albums. Eventually, Bankhead’s immersion in London’s skate and music cultures led to professional opportunities: he DJed with Mark Ainley, a co-owner of Honest Jon’s, and, along with the likes of Futura, designed some of the earliest album covers for Mo’Wax records. Over the years, Bankhead has collaborated with some of the most respected artists in electronic and experimental music, including Bee Mask, Sassy J, DJ Nobu, Dean Blunt, Theo Parrish, and Omar Souleyman, among many others, all the while producing graphics for Honest Jon’s and coveted skate and streetwear brand Palace. Bankhead’s decades of experience are reflected in The Trilogy Tapes clothing, much of which features his signature geometric, music-related artwork.