Riccardo Tisci x NikeLab Dunk Lux Chukka

Published February 21, 2017

Ruddy Trobrilliants (@trobrillants) & Jean Ndjoli (@ndjolijean)
Describe your current style?

Ruddy-  I like to mix my 3 favorite brands which are Nike, Comme Des Garcons and Levis.  I think they are all distinctively different so I enjoy mixing sportswear clothing with high fashion.  The most important thing is that we always have to be COOOOOZY! 

Jean-  Fashion for us is a game we simply play with the garments we like and are inspired by.  Its not just about the brand or if its luxury or not its about expressing yourself.  I also like the idea of a world wide aesthetic and not just a style centralized to Paris.  I like to incorporate brands styles from all over the world.  If I can describe my style in three words it would be; cozy, comfortable and free!

What/Whom are you inspired by? 

Ruddy-  I am inspired by the subcultures and styles of Tokyo, the people are free in their expression of what they wear and how they wear it.  My favorite designer Rei Kawakubo is also Japanese and I always loved CDG and how they constantly merge the lines of art and fashion.

Jean-  Nature inspires me.  My environment and everything around me is where I draw my inspiration from.  For instance if I see a wall and its colors are green, red, yellow and blue I think to myself, how can I mix all of those same colors in my wardrobe and create a fresh outfit.  Then I think of the person that created this wall some time ago and I am inspired by the persons creativity which in turn motivates me to create something beautiful as they once did.

How does your background in modeling affect your style?

R-  I don't believe my job as a model has too much of an affect on my fashion style.  I mean of course I see amazing garments all the time but I have always had a unique style way before I started working in fashion. I want to say more but I'm not sure how to say in english LOL. 

J-  I think I know what my friend is trying to say... Being a model is solely based on physical traits where as style comes from what is inside of you.

R- hahaha Yes! thats it! Jean is my Translator!!

What is your most treasured possession?

R-  My mother,  I owe everything in life to her she is my rock and my foundation.  Nothing that I own can compare to how valuable she is to me.

J-  I would say my Bible.   In my opinion the best (not only) way to be a good guy is to make sure you are good inside before you can have a positive affect on people on the outside.  My bible just gives me motivation and inspiration to try and be the best version of myself everyday. 

If you could live in any other fashion capitol in the World which would it be and why?

R-  I think I would say New York.  Maybe I believe in this fucking American Dream.  In that I you can be anything you can be in America and because it is America you have a wider reach and bigger platform for your work.

J-  I would agree with my friend Ruddy with choosing New York.  We constantly are talking about how can we do things bigger whether it is a photoshoot or campaign and a place like NYC gives us such a big platform to get out our ideas.

Describe to me your perfect day in Paris?

R-  Paris is an incredible city with so much to do all of the time but I believe that it is the company you have with you to do all the amazing things that makes your experience perfect.  If I am with my best friend Jean or my girlfriend I know it will be a perfect day no matter what.

J-  Imagine if you are in battle and things may get dangerous as long as you have your trusting companions you know everything will be ok.  In this city much like in the world in general you never know what can happen each day so it is important to spend time with the people you love no matter what you are doing.  Life is great but life is war so a perfect day is with my loved ones enjoying cafes, museums, parties or just walks around the city.