Notre x The Alinea Group x Air Max Day

Published March 30, 2018

Nike x The Allinea Group Air Max Dinner 1

In celebration of Nike Air Max Day 2018, Notre teamed up with chef Ed Tinoco and the world-renowned Alinea Group to introduce a new extension to retail through food. The culinary experience at the exclusive dinner highlighted the story of Nike “Air” through food and drink creations. Expressing the footwear series’ past, present, and future, air was incorporated into every dish in the quest to establish a new vision for retail.

Some notable dishes include chef Grant Achatz’s famous “Chocolate Mat” dish presented in the Sean Wotherspoon colorway atop a silicone tablecloth in a room filled with chocolate scented smoke and chef Mike Bagale’s floating “Balloon” dish. The multiple course dinner service was prefaced by a panel talk featuring Chefs Grant Achatz, Ed Tinoco, Mike Bagale of the Alinea Group and shoe designer Jon Buscemi.