Gosha Rubchinskiy ss16

Published February 11, 2016

 Gosha Rubchinskiy Concept Shop at Notre Chicago

Even if you haven't heard of Gosha Rubchinskiy by now, you have certainly experienced his impact on fashion world.  A relative new comer, the Moscow based designer got his start in the industry while photographing and styling for other Russian designers after finishing art school. In 2008 he branched out and released the first clothing offerings under his eponymous label. In just a few short seasons, Gosha was able to secure a small but loyal following for his up and coming label. However, It wasn't until 2011 when the fashion powerhouse Comme Des Garcons took notice of Rubchinskiy and offered to align with the brand and cover production costs, that he truly entered the global market.

 Gosha Rubchinskiy Accessories at Notre Chicago

Gosha Rubchinskiy, or Гоша Рубчинский in his native Cyrillic, the brand represents the very nature of what is sub-culture. His original take on the post soviet youth offers a glimpse into the lives, attitudes, and style of kids growing up in that turbulent time period. Much of his design aesthetic seems to revolve around his idolising of the youth, though this is nothing new to the clothing world, in conjunction with the gritty rawness of his personal photography style, the soviet-era imagery as well as his preferred model choice, which are usually just regular skater kids off the street, has allowed him to take a little known foreign youth skate culture and shove it into the forefront of modern high fashion. 

Gosha Rubchinskiy at Notre Chicago

To properly welcome our second season of Gosha, we teamed up with Chuck Anderson (@nopattern) to design and build a custom display heavily influenced by soviet era brutalist architecture. The new unit houses the entire collection on a large asymmetrical cubic arch that is seated in the middle of the store. Come through the store to experience the latest from Gosha.

Or, shop the collection online here.

Gosha Rubchinskiy at Notre Chicago