Introducing the Nike Space Hippie with 36 Hours of Plant-Based Media

Published July 02, 2020

UPDATE: Raffle entries are now closed

Big step, small footprint. Introducing Space Hippie, Nike’s most sustainable sneaker to date. At least 45% of Space Hippie weighs in as pure trash, salvaged and upcycled in pursuit of a greener tomorrow. Our raffle for Space Hippie 01-03 is today 7/02 from 12PM-1PM CST at Space Hippie 04 will launch online at at 9AM CST tomorrow 07/03.

To celebrate the program’s ethos of creative reuse and ecological responsibility, we’ve partnered with Plantwave to launch this program with 36 hours of plant-based media. Plantwave builds tech that enables us to “tune into nature and listen to the music of plants” by converting the electrical signals emitted by all living flora into music. For the next 36 hours, we’re livestreaming the sounds of a miniature forest we’ve temporarily assembled at our 118 N. Peoria location. Head over to to tune into the ever-evolving plant jam, learn more about the Space Hippie program, and enter the raffle. Raffle winners will be contacted by email on Monday 07/06.