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Wacko Maria

Founded in 2005 by former J.League football (soccer) players Keiji Ishizuka and Atsuhiko Mori, Japanese streetwear brand Wacko Maria believes “music is the trigger of imaginations.” What began as Rock Steady, a jointly owned bar in Tokyo’s Meguro ward, quickly became a clothing line of the same name. After coveted collaborations with the likes of WTAPS, Porter-Yoshida & Co., nonnative, and UNDERCOVER, Ishizuka and Mori established Wacko Maria to fully explore their interests in music, films, and art through clothing. Known for its reinterpretations of rockabilly style, intricate embroideries, Japanese production, and anti-establishment mantras (in particular, “Guilty Parties”), Wacko Maria presents youthful, yet sophisticated collections that deliver on both concept and quality, season after season.