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Since its founding in 2014, Canadian designer Luke Meier’s menswear label OAMC has been at the forefront of pushing the genres of “workwear,” “streetwear,” and “luxury fashion” ever closer together. Meier, who worked as Supreme’s head designer for over eight years and currently serves as the co-creative director of Jil Sander with his wife Lucie, originally named his brand as an initialism for “Over All Master Cloth,” which he has since eschewed for the stand-alone letters. Yet, the implications of OAMC’s first name persist, namely in its dedication to the finest points of craft and innovation. All of the brand’s offerings are produced in France, Italy, Portugal, and Japan, and most of its materials, trims, and hardware are custom designed and made exclusively for OAMC. However, for all its focus on craft, OAMC is firmly rooted in the now, in both its design aesthetics and technological applications. And, while Meier sometimes mines the past for ideas, OAMC’s clothes never appear to be from any era other than the present, as shown by the label’s FW19 collection, which turns the premise of grunge into exquisite, multilayered oversized suiting.