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Founded in 2013 by married designers Hideaki Yoshihara and Yukiko Ode, Japanese womenswear label HYKE has quickly developed a fervent following at home and abroad for its recreated vintage military garments in a minimalist color palette of black, green, and white. After launching a vintage clothing store Bowles in 1997, Ode and Yoshihara established their first brand Green the following year, which offered carefully crafted vintage-inspired womenswear with a focus on beauty through functionality. Despite Green’s immediate and lasting success, the duo shut down the brand in 2009 to take a few years off. With their newest endeavor, HYKE, the couple strives to “evolve fashion history by our heartstrings,” sourcing vintage military pieces that they then deconstruct and recreate using modern patterns to form contemporary collections steeped in fashion history. With collaborations with Mackintosh and adidas Originals under its belt and a recurring partnership with The North Face Japan, HYKE is rapidly becoming one of the most talked about brands in fashion.