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BENJAMIN EDGAR, or whatever.

Our friend, Chicago native, and owner of Benjamin Edgar, or whatever, Ben Gott, is perhaps more well known for his blog “The Brilliance” which he started with esteemed partners Chuck Anderson and Virgil Abloh, or as the creator of boxed water. Benjamin Edgar, or whatever is an object company blending a mix of irreverence, intense attention to detail, and a fascination with learning applications of any material. Concrete, ceramic, marble, cotton, leather, nylon, carbon fiber, modal, sand. The end goal creates a framework that delights consumers with the useful and useless while allowing its creator to continue to learn, develop, play, or whatever.The current collection / narrative titled "GRAVITY SLINGSHOT ME OUT OF HERE" Tourist t-shirts from a future where interstellar travel is common. Our solar system has become the "small town" and our angsty, creative, youth leaves for the "big city" solar system in another part of the galaxy - yet still ironically wear tourist t-shirts from their home solar system - Benjamin Edgar, 2017