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Founded in 2008 by hip hop artist Verbal and graphic designer Yoon Ahn, AMBUSH® began as pop art-inspired experimental jewelry line known for its distinct Tokyo aesthetic (represented by designs such as its iconic trademarked POW!® motif), but has since grown into a fully-fledge fashion line. Verbal and Yoon met during the 90s at the University of Boston, where Verbal studied Philosophy and Marketing and Yoon studied Graphic Design. In 1998, Verbal left Boston for Japan where he formed Japanese hip hop group M-Flo, for which Yoon acted as a stylist. In 2002, the two established Ambush Design Company through which Yoon designed album covers for Verbal and other artists, and, in 2004, they founded the couture jewelry line Antonio Murphy & Astro, which quickly became popular with hip hop artists such as Kanye West. In 2015, AMBUSH® made its Paris debut and, in 2017, the brand was selected as one of the top eight finalists for the LVMH PRIZE. With a flagship store in Tokyo and an enviable list of collaborators that includes Louis Vuitton, sacai, UNDERCOVER, Off-White, and Nike, AMBUSH® has an ever-expanding reach within the worlds of art, music, jewelry, and fashion.