An Interview with Bryant Giles

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Recently, we sat down with multidisciplinary artist Bryant Giles to ask him a few questions about his art, inspiration, and his upcoming world tour.

You do a lot, painter, designer, writer and more. Which artistic medium do you think allows you to communicate best? or are they all necessary parts of your story? Every medium plays its role necessarily. Like the small details in a slow burn film that you’d have to rewatch a couple times to fully understand. Everything is full of intent, and meant to not be easily comprehensible.

Where do you draw inspiration from? Can you share some of your influences both artistic or otherwise? I draw inspiration from my environment and living in it’s entirety. So if I’m in the house for a week and decide to create or speak verbatim , it’s a reconstruction of the everyday items I am face to face with. I believe we can add humanistic energy into inanimate objects with the way we align them. Personifying myself with a half empty cup filled with foggy paint water. It’s just how I feel. I only create when there is something to say.

Renowned artists like Jackson Pollock and Wassily Kandinsky used music to influence some of their work. Your mixed media drawings and paintings feel explorative and improvisational much like jazz, does jazz or any other genre of music shape your work at all? I wouldn’t say music shapes my work but rather serves as a conversational partner of some sort. The background noise haunting the dialogue that you can’t shake, so you tangle and embrace it.

There has been much documented and celebrated about your paintings and your garment design work but you also share introspective writings from time to time that are eloquent, honest and contemplative. When did you discover your voice as a writer? I discovered the intimacy in literature when I was 11. I would take a notebook and spur all of my true feelings knowing they would be locked there for my eyes to bestow on only. The connection has stuck with me very much so over the years as it serves as a vital outlet to vent to.

You are embarking on a world tour art exhibition later this year can you explain more of what that entails? what can we expect to see? Yes! I wanted to do a world wide-span installation featuring a massive body from the “Causers of Nothing“ series. This body includes paintings, sculpture both wearable and non, film, and clothing.